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Reducing Viral Anxiety in Children

How is the coronavirus panic affecting your children? Between the adult populations freaking out across the planet, and the youthfully distorted stories classmates share with your kids, you better check on the emotional well-being of your offspring. I live in...

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Unintentionally Influencing Our Daughters

How humbling to be responsible for our daughters, who hang on our every word and deed. Since you want the best for your developing darling, why not positively reframe your self-perception? It’s better for you, and, it’s better for her.

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The Best of You – A Lesson In Self-Appreciation

It’s daunting to be responsible for our daughters, who hang on our every word and deed. We try to be a good example for her to follow, but we are human, and by definition, imperfect. That’s okay, because perfectionism is not a requirement for being an Awesome Mom....

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Is Life Like the Movies?

Have you ever seen the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart playing George Bailey? You know that scene at the end where it’s hard not to get teary-eyed, the one where George’s friends and family come to his rescue by each contributing a little bit of money?

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We’ll Figure Something Out

Currently, Darling Daughter lives in California where she landed her dream job. Marvelous Mom and Dynamic Dad still live in Connecticut. In case you didn’t know, that is more than a four-hour drive, but we’ll figure something out.

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How To Get Out Of A Rut

Want to get out of a rut? Stuck in a negative pattern because you follow the same negative behavior? Do the same negative reactions make your body produce the same corresponding chemicals, and the resulting negative emotions that follow? The only way to stop a pattern...

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Addiction to Drama

If the only rush your child feels is related to hearing gossip, she has no incentive to let it go. However, if she gets a charge from gossip, and another one from shopping, and one from zip-lining, and from competing, and from dancing, and from laughing, and from a sleepover, and from a good book, and from hanging out with her best friend, and from skating, etc., the relative importance and impact of the gossip’s adrenaline jolt diminishes. Other activities crowd it out.

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Stuff In A Pot

Stuff In A Pot is a great way to stretch the budget. The addition of veggies reduces the cost per serving of the meat. One pound of ground meat will now produce 10 flavorful servings. All of the fresh and frozen ingredients are free of additives and harmful chemical compound found in processed foods. And, you can stretch it further if you serve it over organic rice or gluten-free organic pasta.

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