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The Happiness Survey

As life changes around us, we have to actively promote our happiness in order to keep the level high. I came across a happiness survey at and took it. Here are my results: This is a snapshot of my life while...

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Equal Pay Day

The easiest way to increase the power of our country is to increase the power of 50% of its people… the women.

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Valerie Lane Simonsen on Viral Anxiety in Children

VLS: Have them draw pictures of the dreams. Once they see the pictures they can understand on a different level that the dream is a dream, and is not real. Other art forms are useful as they process the outer world through their dreams. Clay, paint, drawing, singing, and dancing are all helpful. With that being said, children are incredibly aware and their dreams may be based on “knowingness” that they have within.

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Homeschooling Resources For the Viral Vacation

No school? For how long? As schools close all over the country, parents have two issues to face: How to find someone to supervise their kids while they’re at work How to continue their education Many school systems are scrambling to figure out a way to deliver lessons...

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Reducing Viral Anxiety in Children

How is the coronavirus panic affecting your children? Between the adult populations freaking out across the planet, and the youthfully distorted stories classmates share with your kids, you better check on the emotional well-being of your offspring. I live in...

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Unintentionally Influencing Our Daughters

How humbling to be responsible for our daughters, who hang on our every word and deed. Since you want the best for your developing darling, why not positively reframe your self-perception? It’s better for you, and, it’s better for her.

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The Best of You – A Lesson In Self-Appreciation

It’s daunting to be responsible for our daughters, who hang on our every word and deed. We try to be a good example for her to follow, but we are human, and by definition, imperfect. That’s okay, because perfectionism is not a requirement for being an Awesome Mom....

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